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Sustainable Cardboard Furniture

Madrid-based Cardboard Furniture has created a brilliant line of renewable, recyclable furniture made entirely out of a cardboard material called x-board. It is so strong it’s perfect for furniture design! They have also added a water-based adhesive to the external laminate which improves durability and aesthetics. The furniture line is modern, fun and intriguing to look at. Each piece packs flat for shipping and, when you are done with it, can be recycled. No mess in landfill and no weight on your conscience. If you think x-board is the right

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Innovative uses for cardboard

We recently came across an article on about all the different products made from cardboard! Being┬ásuch a versatile┬ámaterial with a wide range of uses, let your imagination run wild. The article features a bicycle, helmet, architecture and even a car. Cardboard comes in an endless supply of different grades, weights and strengths, so it’s perfect for the POS and packaging industry. If you feel like you may have an awesome project and need some experts to help you through the material choices, give us a call! Otherwise, happy reading!