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Tomorrow Machine Packaging

Tomorrow Machine, a design studio based in Sweden, has been producing some of the most innovative packaging design concepts.

Not only are their choice of substrates is so unique and creative they are also sustainable. And that’s what we love!

This Too Shall Pass: Basmati Rice


The packaging is made from soft beeswax, soy-ink printed and dusted with a pearlescent blue. To open, you act as if you were peeling an orange.


Extra Virgin Olive Oil


The packaging is made from caramelized sugar, coated with wax. To open, you crack it like an egg. After breakage the wax no longer protects the sugar and the package melts when it comes in contact with water.


Raspberry Smoothie.

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The packaging is made from gel of the agar-agar seaweed and water. To open, prick the top with your straw. The packaging withers at the same rate as its contents and is made for drinks that need to be refrigerated.


Sustainability is important because as our resources deplete and the climate changes, the price of energy and water will go up. To us sustainability is about making the right choices for the environment and pushing science and technology to greater limits to achieve environmentally friendly results. What could be more exciting?

Happy Reading! The Branded Team.